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If you were here.....

If you were here,

You'd comfort my tears

saying "don't cry kel bel"

You'd remind me how to respond to bullies,

"kill 'em with kindness sweetheart"

If you were here,

You'd text me inspiration

Share your joy of your son's upcoming wedding

You'd encourage me to forge on and

"Keep living out lout"

If you were here,

You'd love my husband

and tell me how happy you are for me.

You'd beam with pride about your children and grandchildren,

highlighting how amazing your daughter is doing.

If you were here,

You would be calling me to talk about the joys and challenges

of being a mom to two teen boys

Over a coffee of course.

You would light up the space around you with your laughter and electric smile.

If you were here,

You'd be so proud of your daughter, her daughters

and you'd love that she and I were still supporting each other.

You'd shake your head and grin

at the familiar ways we are still the same girls.

If you were here,

You would be saddened by some changes

but, you would understand and we'd still be close.

You would be joyful about your grandchildren, your great grands and

You would so love the new members of this family.

If you were here,

We wouldn't understand the depth of our love for you

quite the way we do now.

We would take things for granted that we don't now.

We would let important connections fade away

If you were here,

I would tell you I love you,

thank you for all you contributed

and spend more time simply and beautifully

in your presence.

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