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Relationship Coach,
serving women 13+ in the relationship with themselves and others. 
Behavior Consultant,
serving  parents & educators
Teen Mentor, 
Young women ages 13-18 with parent approval

Kellie Resue at Connection First, LLC.

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Once I began the important work on myself, I unlocked resilience and created a pathway to relationships I never knew could even be possible. 

As a result of my own unhealthy patterns and belief systems,  a couple toxic relationships, my love for psychology and my own parenting struggles; I got help, made changes in myself, learned to pay attention to my intuition, how to love myself, make amends, stop the ugly chatter in my head, build confidence in myself and be responsible for my part. 

It was all HARD, but so was not changing anything, so I chose my hard. I fell on my face, and I struggled; but it was ALL worth it......... ALL of it!  To be honest, not doing something felt like a death sentence, as if my body would crumble, melt or implode if I didn't do something. Our bodies do that, they give us signs. So if you are ready to get guidance, do the work and choose yourself again, let's chat. I know it's hard, I do. 


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Do you feel stuck? Lost? Depressed? Each of us can experience hard times,

but only a few know how to turn it into a starting point for a new life full of happiness.

I'm a certified Coaching Professional with years of experience helping

people work through challenges.

 My mission is to find your hidden potential and give you all necessary

tools to develop and grow.

Remember to love yourself, while loving them. The relationship with yourself is the first step. 

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We care deeply about our client's confidentiality and used initials to protect their privacy.

Kellie is a genuinely caring person. She has a way about her that makes you feel comfortable and safe. She has suggested realistic solutions that work! Kellie is very compassionate. I highly recommend her services.


Kellie has a deep understanding of how the minds of young children work and connected immediately with my oldest son (age 10). She is patient, empathetic, and real in her approach; which helped my son be more open and honest. I appreciate her flexible scheduling and ability to travel to see us at home. I highly recommend CFC to anyone who seeks someone who is  knowledgeable, compassionate and kind.


I have attended multiple staff training, classroom mentoring and parenting classes that Kellie has lead. Her ability to team build and connect while also listening for the need is what I appreciate most about her approach.

F. A.

Kellie is my first call for parenting. From bedtime to routines to addressing attention seeking behaviors and everything in between. She addresses issues with both me and my son in a positive, caring and yet constructive way! We are blessed to have her help, and you would be too!


Kellie is a gifted coach and an absolute delight to work with. Her ability to help you improve yourself and all your relationships is a game changer. For parentts of young children, she will equip you with skills, tools, resources and perspectives you will wish you had learned years ago. I highly recommend Kellie and CFC.


Kellie has helped me more than any other mental health professional.


Kellie has helped my marriage in ways I didn't think were possible a year ago. I love that she comes to us, where we feel comfortable.


"You have a way of offering up Questions that lead me to reframe the beliefs that had me stuck.
You are non-judgmental, kind and wise."


"After a long term relationship breakup, you helped me feel more comfortable being alone, encouraging me to love and care for myself. We looked at my codependent tendencies and I began to understand how I contribute to unhealthy relationships. I gained an understanding of gaslighting and how to recognize behaviors [red flags].


I have come to you for a variety of relationship help. When in a toxic relationship that I didn't know how to think for myself; you asked me questions that allowed me to help myself. You recommended EMDR and gave me a name of a therapist who has been super beneficial. In [family] relationships, including [parenting] you helped me navigate [challenges], conversations and set boundaries .The thing that stands out to me is the energy you put out that feels so nurturing, warm, and kind without judgment.


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